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by Desmond Menz posted in Home Business Tips

I like AWeber, my current email service for my subscribers. But I'm going to transition to

another service in the next few months. It all comes down to what I've already invested in, not 

duplicating what I already have, getting a much greater email delivery capacity, and not 

spending what I don't need to spend.

Back in February, I took a plunge on List Animal (this became SendReach), an email service 

that has some really amazing features. It was recommended by an Internet Marketer who I 

respect for the approach and training that he has provided. 

I've had to give this bit of background to what I'm now going to say. And this is about ...

My new newsletter format

I’ve moved away from creating eBiz EYE digest at my email autoresponder (AWeber) account 

to a simple PDF format.

Here’s what it used to look like.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with the AWeber format; there are a 

lot of templates to choose from, and there are a number of 

advantages with using this system. 

But I needed more flexibility about how I can best use the 

content that I create.


eBiz EYE newsletters are now placed in a subscriber page so that they can be readily 

accessed by anyone. This wasn’t possible with AWeber because they were crafted inside the 

AWeber interface … and that's where they stayed.

Secondly ... and this is a great strategy that you could do ... I can now readily grab any of the 

articles in any previous newsletter from my own archive, and put some selected ones into a 

report that can be sold or given away. I’ll discuss this strategy in greater detail in an 

upcoming article.

The next reason is simply that it’s much better use of my time to create this digest in a word 

processor (I use Mac iWork Pages) and convert it to a PDF, rather than do it online.

To me, simplicity = efficiency.

And a final reason for the change is perhaps the most significant. I'm now able to add fresh 

content to New Times Home Biz on a regular basis by taking snippets from the newsletter and 

turning them into articles or posts. And that, as we know, is good for ranking purposes.

Follow what works

If you want to find out what's going on in your niche, or how to market and sell info-products, 

one of the best ways to do it is to get on several lists of marketers who've been around a long 

time and who make really useful contributions to your learning experience.

I'm on a few newsletter lists. Several just use email delivery, several use a template from an 

email service such as AWeber, and a couple send out thier newsletters via a PDF attachment 

in a short email.

It's the latter method I've decided to use.

I'm following the lead of one of the best online marketers around. He uses a PDF format for 

his ezine …

Marlon's Marketing Minute

There must be a good reason why Marlon uses a PDF and I think it has to do with the 

personal touch, they are easy to assemble offline, and they provide scope to add all sorts on 

links to offers, products, and 

references. He's also a marketer through and through - and perhaps he thinks he can get his 

message across a lot better using a report-style format. It works … and has been for a long 


Like any good newsletter, you have to subscribe to get it. And that brings us to eBiz EYE - if 

you'd like to get it just fill in the form to the right.

Leave a comment below about what you think of the eBiz EYE format change.


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