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There are all sorts of tools, tips, and tricks to get the word out about your info-product or service, and podcasting is one of those.

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But how often have you thought about using it?

Podcasts have been around for years. I listen to radio podcasts, and very infrequently, to those delivered by a marketer or someone else who has an interesting subject to talk about.

Some years ago I was hooked into Simpleology and took a number of the courses available; each of these was supported with audio, video, and transcripts.

The audio component was essentially a podcast.

SIMPLEOLOGY by the way, was created by Mark Joyner, and is in its 5th version and still going strong. And all the coursework that I purchased back then is still available today.

There’s one course I haven’t even begun - Drawing (by Jacque Fresco) - but it’s always there in my members area when I get some time to have a go at it.

That now reminds me … I have 4 core courses and 9 elective courses in my member’s area. 

In a future article I’ll talk some more about Simpleology and what it could do for you, but if you wish, click here to have a close look now at what Simpleology is all about.

You might be very surprised.

Back to podcasting ...

What can podcasts be used for?

Podcasts might seem to be a bit old hat, but that’s a wrong perception. It’s still a much used form of communicating, so much so that many top line marketers use this as a main way of building their businesses.

Many people on the move tune into podcasts for all sorts of reasons. So it makes sense to tap into this medium to build your business presence.

Here’s how it can be used.

cleanRecord on-the-go with your mobile phone

cleanCreate your own authoritative podcast channel

cleanMake and record your own music, or record an audiobook that you’ve written … or (and here’s a secret) use public domain material.

cleanInterview someone with knowledge that fits your subject matter

cleanCreate free and engaging info-products that will enhance your reputation and assist with building your subscriber list. Make a course.

cleanUpload podcasts to your website or blog or to the iTunes Store to further enhance your content library

cleanUse podcasts to market your business, product, or service … but be careful, don’t over-sell, talk more about the real benefits without the hyper-selling stuff.

Platforms to create your own podcasts

There’s a high priced product on the market, but you really don’t need that.

For every paid product there always sems to be a free version, but sometimes paying for a product can lead to better results. And training is generally available too.

If you have a mac you’re right to go. How to create your own podcasts is a terrific start at MacLife. All you need is Garageband.

Audacity has been around for years and is a free, open source platform that can be used on Windows and Mac.

Check out Audacity here

Here are four more alternatives.

  • Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder
  • AV Audio Editor
  • Wavosaur
  • Linux MultiMedia Studio

Go here at makeuseof for more details.

Tips on using podcast content

If you have interviewed someone, or have made the podcast using your own voice, then making a transcript can be very useful.

The value of a transcript

cleanUse it as a reminder what was said and to help you write a blogpost or for further research. 

cleanReading a transcript allows you to see any mistakes.

cleanA transcript can also aid in seeing how ideas flow, and whether they’re logical or disjointed. Improvements can then be made.

cleanUse the text of the transcript to promote your podcast. Use segments for comments and to generally publicize the podcast.

cleanSell the transcripts as premium content, either individually, or as an e-book. Offer it to your paying subscribers.

cleanUse the transcripts as high quality content on your website or blog.

cleanAdd the content to an e-mail autoresponder.

cleanSend the transcript to non-web-based publications and get it published as an article, thus increasing your audience and getting paid.

cleanUpload the transcript to enhance the audio content in search-engines.

How to promote your podcast

Once you have recorded a podcast and created a highly quality production, the next step is to promote it and take it to the people. 

Here are 3 essential places to get the most effective promotion.

oneiTunes - undoubtedly one of the best and most important places to be listed on, and is a very popular service that will ensure your podcast is available to the greatest possible number of listeners.

Having your podcast listed on a premium site like iTunes helps build brand value for your podcast. The more people you reach out to, the more likely it is that your podcasts will gain popularity through word of mouth.

twoPodcast directories - go to podcast411 for a long list of places to send your podcast to. While traffic will come from the major search engines like Google, listing on a directory will also help substantially. 

Podcasting directories will provide your site with high quality inbound links. This is very important because it helps determine the relevance of your site for certain keywords. Make sure to add your primary keywords of your podcast in the title itself because that is how directories will list podcasts. Links from these directories will help increase the popularity of your podcast.

threePod gallery - go to podgallery.org and extend your range and visibility. This looks like a really neat site.

So what are you waiting for? Start promoting your podcasts now!

Let us know what your ideas are about podcasting.

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