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You have an online business ... maybe you're a blogger, maybe you've set up an authority site, maybe you have a hybrid model like here at New Times Home Biz.

In our online ventures we're constantly seeking ways to increase our exposure, to get more eyes on to our site, and to get more people to follow us or joing our lists. 

This is all part of the marketing ritual.

Now, I've had an offline business since 1989, and because of the nature of it I rarely advertised. I focused on the LOCAL MARKET to get going, to build a reputation, and to hold it. Without a local base, you'll only have a shell of a business.

So, back in those years I used Word Of Mouth ... mostly. It worked for me, and it was very satisfying to know that my work and the solutions I provided were what my clients needed and wanted. After all, that's what business success is all about - satisfied clients or customers. 

Doing A Name Search 

searching white

Several days ago, out of curiosity I thought I'd do a web search using just my name ... Des Menz and Desmond Menz. I wanted to see where my name was in the ether, and what sites identified me. 

By the way, if you're able to shorten your name (as many of us do) then search both the long and short versions, as I have.

Well, I can say that it was a fascinating exercise. But, as an online business operator I discovered that I was missing out on a slice of free traffic.

You see, I used to list my former offline business in the local telephone directory and I also advertised in the directory. I haven't listed for about 7 years because I couldn't see the point of paying money for something that wasn't yielding any results. (I had tested directory advertising over a period of 3 years and found it less than encouraging). Furthermore, back then I was in transition to an online business anyway, and was gradually winding down my offline assignments.

Offline Directory Listing Bonanza?

light bulb on

But here's the big ah-ha moment! My search resulted in no fewer than 6 listings from different business directories around Australia (I'm an Aussie) that had my details ... there may be more if I'd gone beyond page 2 of search engine results.

These listings all contained an old defunct telephone number, incorrect address, and outdated business details ... and all of them were editable. So I changed everything. 

But there's more! Most of the directories were very extensive in the details that could be provided ... all for FREE! The details included ...

cleanwebsite details inlcuding links 

cleanshort and long descriptions of the business

cleancategory search

cleanbusiness logo, images, document upload

cleanlocation map

cleancorrect contact details including email address

So I completed everything about New Times Home Biz that I could.

Remember, this is all at no cost, not only for LOCAL but national listings. To list outside a local area could incur a cost. 

So, if you want to get FREE exposure for your online business, look at your listings in phone directories. Search your name or your business name.

Start with LOCAL listings and see what response you get over a period of months, and then decide if you want paid services. 

You might be surprised at what you find.

Let me know below what results you have been able to get. Did you find some listings you weren't aware of?

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