Who To Sell To

Knowing who you are selling your info-product to is just as important as what you are selling them. 

To find out the type of customer you're selling to needs answers to the following questions.

   What exactly are you selling? 

   Who would be most likely to purchase it? Which demographic group? Male, female, or  

   Who would benefit from it? 

These types of questions can narrow down your core selling base, and help you understand how to advertise your product and get a better response. Understanding your product completely will help you be more successful in the selling process, especially when potential customers have questions that you will need to be able to answer for them. 

So, if you've acquired a Master Resell Rights or Private Label Rights info-product, make sure you're fully conversant with its contents.

Now that you know who you should be selling to, where do you go about finding this select group of individuals? 

Look at high traffic sites like eBay and Amazon which already have huge numbers of willing buyers. All they need do is put in a few keywords to search for what they seek and BINGO! There is a nice list provided for them. But be sure that you use as many descriptive words, or keywords, as you can when choosing a listing title for your product.

Another great way to find customers that are willing to receive notifications from you about certain products you are selling is by starting up your very own mailing list or newsletter. It's easy to start one, and doesn't take too much time to operate. If you decide just to send previous customers special notices when you have a new product, that's fine. However be sure that these people want to receive these mailings from you. By this I mean that they will need to double opt-in to be on your mailing list.

Other ways to create your own mailing list include a sign-up form on your web site (like the one on this page - by the way, have you subscribed yet?), using a pop-up or pop-under from your web site (I'm not a big fan of these types of tools), using free Joint Ventures, or offering free products to those who subscribe. 

Further details are covered in Write To Prosper.

The bottom line is that previous customers can become repeat customers. And that's what you want!

One last way I'd like to mention is by getting traffic to your online store or web site. Even if you decide to run a free site, you can still sell products there through the use of banner advertisements, or ad boxes such as those provided by companies like Google. While you may not generate "instant profits" by using this method, you can begin to make a steady trickle of money over time.

The next step is to focus on ways on How To Sell.

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