What To Sell (Part 1)

Information Products

In the first great stride to becoming a successful online entrepreneur and home business success, the NTHB way is all about creating quality info-products, specifically eBooks and other digital reports that can be read on tablets. This is our focus, and much more about this subject is described in my eBook "Home Business In New Times". 

Indeed, both this eBook and its companion "Write To Prosper" focus on creating your own eBook info-product.

But what if you're not at the stage of creating your own info-product just yet, but are still wanting to get your online business going in the shortest possible time. How can this be done?

You could acquire a product or products with what's called Master Resale Rights. Having MRR makes it possible within the product terms provided by the original author of the info-product, to resell not only the product itself, but also allow the right for your customers to resell it.

Master Resale Rights

While there are also Standard/Basic/Full Resale Rights, it's important to understand what this means. 

These types of resellable products only give you, the original purchaser of the product, the RIGHT to RESELL it; you cannot convey rights to those you sell the product to. 

But what about MASTER Resale Rights?

When you acquire MRR, you can not only sell the product to your customers, you may also grant your customers the right to sell it. If you have transferable MRR, then you can pass master resell rights to your customers, thereby allowing them to also sell the product with master resell rights.

Therefore Standard/Basic/Full Resale Rights is limited. It is of greater benefit if you have the Master Resale Rights because it will most likely result in greater income. Why? Because your customers can also make money with MRR (as well as learning something at the same time).

But you need to be selective about which resale rights products you buy. What you need to be looking for is a product that is relatively contemporary, if not new, and it needs to be unique, or as individual as it's subject can be. 

IT MUST FIT YOUR BUSINESS STRATEGY, either as a supplement to your own info-products or as a giveaway (if the rights convey that).

AVOID ACQUIRING PRODUCTS OUTSIDE YOUR FIELD OF INTEREST. Stick with what you know so that you gradually build on your info-product library.

Where To Get Quality MRR Products

Where can you get high quality products for a good deal? One of the best places is through private membership websites. These types of sites are stocked with plenty of resale rights information products to get you up and going. Plus, they generally have products that are up to date, or have been recently released and available for you to download.

Collecting your information products this way will most definitely save you money and time.  

Remember, there are products you can choose from that fit your vision and objectives and are worth selling to your customers. When you resell these products, 100% of the profits are yours, except of course for the selling fees from payment processing companies such as PayPal, or other ecommerce platform that you use. 

A Recommendation

 Surefirewealth      Started in 2004, this is one of the best websites going around for Private Label Rights, Resell Rights and Master Resell Rights packages. Click on the banner link below to be taken to a FREE membership page. You’ll be astounded as to how much information is there. 

Take in all the free offerings and training and when you’re ready to advance your online business, the best way is to take up a Silver or Gold membership, preferably the latter because that’s where the maximum number of offerings are.

Select your products carefully and make sure that they all fit your business strategy and ethics. use these as a guide to create your own info-products. Finally, when you have produced your own eBook or other info-product, submit it to Surefirewealth to gain massive exposure, and to build your list.

This is just another way where the exposure of your eBook can build your online business.

There's more to What To Sell, so go to Part 2.

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