What To Be Wary Of

Recall about Master Resale Rights in What To Sell, and the criteria that usually make for the best sellers. 

In this section, we've addressed some of the important issues around MRR that you'll need to be aware of.

Many aspiring online entrepreneurs go online searching for an opportunity that will make them some fast cash. The information product business excels in this capacity, and that's what makes resale rights information products so popular. However, many fail at running a successful information e-business because they have no clue as to what they need to be selling! Or even how to go about selecting a great product that fits their particular niche and that will generate excellent profits for them.

You have to be very careful when choosing your MRR product. Be wary of "hyped" up sites. Just because the site says that the product is A #1, doesn't mean that it is. There are a lot of poor quality products out there, and a lot of websites with products and statements like "I'll be raising the price soon", "Time Sensitive Offer", countdown clocks, and similar. These are all marketing tactics to get you to purchase right away by creating an urgency. Be aware that these are simply techniques to get quick sales.

Along with those urgency techniques, understand that not everything presented on an info-product's "sales page" is what it seems on the surface. Let's consider testimonials, those responses from people who say nothing but gushing praise for the product, or for the author. 

First, let's discuss how they get them. Often authors of products will offer a free copy of their product in exchange for a testimonial. To some extent that's understandable; who wouldn't love something they got for nothing? 

In some cases, getting that free copy and providing a positive testimonial is a requirement, and not a request - and THAT is not ethical, and is bordering on being dishonest. 

At other times the author might ask for feedback to perform final "tweaks" on the product before the official release, and then as a follow-up, will ask those that participate to provide a nice little testimonial to which they offer the participants a "link back" to their own page. It's free publicity of course, and these nice testimonials are another way to gain your trust and get you to believe more firmly in the product so that you purchase it. Beware!

Understand that the reason why these testimonials are needed is merely to gain your trust ... and to BUY the product.

Always remember that everything you see isn't always so cut-and-dried. There are little things going on "behind the scenes" that you don't know about; maybe some of them are not totally honest. 

Consider testimonials again. Used properly, these are the important experiences of users of a product that are shown on Sales Pages of products. But far too often testimonials talk up the virtues of the product and not its deficiencies. A balanced view is not given. 

On the other hand, there are genuine and honest testimonials. Are there sales pages out there that actually speak the truth about the products they are selling? Sure, but the unfortunate part is that it's very difficult to know the difference. 

Here's another aspect to be wary of. One way to get a number of resellable information products for the cost of one is to purchase a "package". With packaged information products, you have to be very selective. 

Many resellers use the method I like to refer to as "recycling". This is where they will take a number of older products and repackage them giving the overall effect of the package being something new. The fact is that it's just the opposite. Read the sales page and look for the list of products included in the package. 

Most will have this information, including an image. If it doesn't, skip it and move on to the next one. If all it has is a title, skip it. You need an honest description of the package so you can determine whether or not you have those exact products already so you're not "double buying".

This is the end of the Introductory Course. 

I hope you've gained some valuable snippets of information. Let me know what you thought of this FREE e-course.

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