How To Sell

This is the really interesting part of the whole process. Why is it interesting? Because it can be the most challenging, particularly if you're just starting as an online entrepreneur, but it can be the most daunting.

Many questions can arise that can test your confidence and abilities.

Forge ahead, become educated, be aware, have trust in your abilities.  

You may already have a pre-conceived idea about a subject that you'd like to write about. In my eBook "Write To Prosper" I discussed finding your eBook topic and gave many examples of popular niches.

Therefore, after formulating an idea for an info-product you will need to then carefully examine the advantages and disadvantages (if any) of that idea. 

Does the product idea fill a need? 

Will the product be sold locally or on the Internet, or both? 

Can you create the product quickly and at a low cost? 

Will you be able to offer the product for a competitive price? 

All of these questions are presented in "Write To Prosper", but for now it's vital to choose your subject that has good buyer potential and at the same time is supported by your passion.

The NTHB process doesn't follow rigidly the "Internet marketer's niche-selection toolkit", however in terms of testing the market (your prospective buyers), observe the following criteria:

   care about the problem you're going to solve 

   test the size of the market - use Google Keywords Tool - and think about keywords your prospects may use in searching for a solution to their particular problem

   focus on eliminating the anguish of your buyers, and to help them fast-track to the pain-free side

   solutions, solutions ... think about these all the time, but make sure your solutions are different and better

   test your idea or topic on a selected group - this could include friends, family, community, maybe a social network

What To Be Wary Of ... that's the final topic in this series.

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