G'day … it's Des here,  thanks for landing on this page. 

Here's a little bit of the story About NTHB.

What's New Times Home Biz All About?

This site is for ...


Anyone who has lost their job and is finding it difficult to make ends meet. How many thousands of people have been victims of the global financial system in recent years?
             Remember the GFC? It  began in 2008, and its repercussions are still reverberating
             globally today! Don't become a victim, do something about it.


People who desire to change their lifestyle and operate a business from home, to choose their own hours of work, to not be answerable to anybody else, and to be in
             control of their own destiny. Find yourself, find your voice.

cleanSmart seniors who want to make additional income ... any senior person can do it! Why seniors? Because people over 50 are in new times all the time, they are
             vulnerable to loss of a job and diminishing income, and these times can be filled with

cleanAnyone seeking an alternative method to derive funds for ethical projects.

As you can see, I want to meet the strugglers and the stragglers in life. I want to give them hope. So ...

What NTHB is not ...

  • It is not an Internet Marketing site that sells the next big thing.
  • It is not about complex, hard-to-understand systems and methods.
  • It is not for people who are searching for a "get rich quick" scheme ... there's no such thing, and you won't find it here.
  • It is not for people who don't want to commit time and to learn.
  • It is not a site that is "set and forget" - it is always well tended, just like a good productive garden. 

Am I pushing "shite" uphill?

Why do I ask this question? Am I wasting my time? Not at all.

This website was originally set up as an experiment. Well, sort of an experiment. I have to be honest with you.

I wanted to learn a bit about this Internet Marketing stuff, to learn the easiest and best way to set up a secure website and blog, to learn about info-product creation and selling, and to see if I could make a bit of money.

And, to see if what I learned would be useful to others. 

My focus has been on using my strengths … and interests. Writing. I like to write, and it is on many topics. 

If you're interested to see what my writings are, then here are several examples;

  • In the Store are my own creations
  • This website --> SustainableSpace - is a site that contains a lot of my "conscience" writings and deep concerns about the condition of the region in which I live (I don't expect you to understand much of it, let alone read it!)
  • And this site --> inHouse-Engineer - is really about my professional work as a self-employed engineer. There might just be something of interest there for you.
  • And this site --> myEngineerOnline is about giving an online life to much of my professional work. Worth having a look at! 

So, at NTHB my main objective has been to see if I could make a bit of money from my writings.


Has it been a successful experiment? 

The chemistry is still happenening, and I reckon it will always continue to happen. Without a bit of chemistry, there's no reaction. Nothing happens.

But one thing is for sure - I'm in this for the long haul.

This website New Times Home Biz will be fed for years, it will be kept alive and nourished.

If that appeals to you, then have a look around, and take any of the information with you. 

There are FREE publications in the Bookshelf and more are added frequently. 

The Store contains my other published work and licensed offers for sale. Browse through it, because it contains the essence of what NTHB is all about.

Want to get in touch?

The Contact Form is one way if you have any questions; I'll respond to you personally. 

Or, you can contact me direct … gedes[at]newtimeshomebiz[dot]com ... (I've encoded my email address to deter spam, so please use the normal characters).

But here's another way that will provide far greater value. 

SUBSCRIBE on the form at the right and you'll instantly get the detailed report "Create An eBook In 5 Days ... Earn From It For Life". 

The NTHB digest eBiz EYE will also be available. Topics include actions, ideas, tips, methods, systems, and alerts on your home business and personal development ... and a lot of other free material. 

If you've read right down to here, MANY THANKS! You've just endured a mild form of torture!?!

To Your New Times Future ...

Des Menz 

Founder www.NewTimesHomeBiz.com

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